What Does It Take?

What does it take to make someone write on their blog?  Why do people write about the useless things in their lives?  Does it make people feel that they are special because their life is now recorded in such a way that the whole free world can view it if they wish?  Does allowing others to be partakers make our actions somehow more glorious?  Or do we think that our life is already so special and we are simply doing the world a favor by publishing our woes, fears, hopes and misshaps?  And while we are at it, why do people eat smelly cheese anyway?

For myself, the reason I am moved to blog seems to be connected to how much fun I seem to be missing in the world.  I am sick.  My nose is clogged, my ears are clogged, my throat hurts, and I was somewhat nauseated the past couple days.  And all this on the holiday where the primary celebration is to eat.  I was a veritable vegetable over Thanksgiving.  While I enjoyed the food and all that, it did not have that much of a taste unless I excavated my nasal cavities every ten seconds or so.  We sat around and watched movies for most of the day (The Big Sleep, The Nativity, and two episodes of Cowboy Bebop).  I snuffled my way through these movies and was almost able to forget that I wished to not be sick anymore.  Even calling family was a bear as it required speaking, which was somewhere between a nuisance and a literal pain in the… throat.  All in all I spent all my time wishing to be better.  It is hard to be thankful when one is hyper focused on a rather simple desire.  I spent most of the day being desirous, and the Day of Desires just sounds like something you would find in the 50 cent bin outside of a used bookstore with a busty woman on the front doing something steamy.

Now all this would not be so much of a problem if I did not know that other people out there were having fun without me.  Here I was stuck at home feeling grumpy, while friends and family were getting together and actually enjoying themselves.  How dare they!  How dare you!  Why didn’t you know that I was stuck at home with my wife and her crazy brother?  He kept on asking me to play games and talk about Lord Of the Rings like I was a geek or something!  She kept on telling me to call my family and to sit down so she could get me something!

Yup.  That is why I blog.  To let all you know that you are a bunch of meanie heads for having fun in areas where I am not.  It therefor stands to reason why I never blog.  I am far too nice of a person, who only ever focuses on the sunny side of things to stoop to such debasing actions more than once every three months or so.

Thinking of you all, and hoping you had a great Thanksgiving!  It is good to have friends and family around.  We miss you.

But really.  Get back to me about the smelly cheese thing.

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5 Comments on “What Does It Take?”

  1. Mary Says:

    haha. yeah your wife and her crazy brother are just too doggone friendly.

    Hope you feel better soon, bro.

    And I really don’t know about stinky cheese. I never tried it myself.

  2. sallysue Says:

    You were missed. And one hopes you are feeling better.

  3. Inkling Says:

    If I waited for something important to say before I blogged, I’d never blog at all. And I don’t even like smelly cheese.

    Blogging itself isn’t so much a function of our imagined importance, I think, so much as a need to communicate with other people — to leave a record of our passing. A great, electronic Independence Rock, if you will. My wife likened blogging to leaving a note on the refrigerator, except the refrigerator is used by 40 million people (okay, I added the last part). Anyway, I think people have done similar things as long as writing has been in existence. I think about the great rambling letters people used to write to each in the 1800s, and the time they put into their journals. Really, I don’t think we are much different today, save for the fact that we have so many more things competing for our time and attention.

    And there has always been, and will always be, smelly cheese.

    Sorry you were down and out for Avian Consumption Day, Jedi. May your Christmas fare better.

  4. Thora Says:

    I must admit, I laughed throughout this post. I think it’s the my favorite of your posts – which perhaps means to me, at least, I blog and read blogs to laugh and be laughed at in turn. Hmmm, I think that may be worse than blogging to show off.

    Sorry you didn’t feel well! At least thanksgiving leftovers usually last forever, so you might still have some when you feel better, right?

    Oh, and this weekend Avram, Matt and I played a Castle Falkenstein game, and we missed you. We always roleplay with you, and so just us three felt a little lopsided. But we made ourselves all feel better by hoping that you go to Akron or Notre Dame and then we’ll be with you and Aleatha next Thanksgiving, and then we could roleplay together then.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Smelly cheese is French, so it must be good.

    Take comfort in that Matt has been sick all this week. Good luck with your grad school apps.

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