A Review, Late In The Comming

So I need to apologise to the two of you out there that care about the tardiness of this review.  I have in fact seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I have not yet made any effort to let my opinions on this matter be commonly known.  I am sorry.  Allow me to rectify the situation.

I did not hate  it.

There you go.

I was excited as the credits rolled past.  I was ecstatic when Plo Koon did this neat little lightsabre twirl.  Then the scene ended and we saw no more of him.  I went in hoping for a movie that showcased the abilities of the Jed iMasters that did nothing but die, but ended up with another show stating just how amazing Anakin is.

Therefor, for what it is it is not too bad.  It was an advertisment for a TV show.  I have not seen the TV show so I cannot say how good of an advirtisment it was.  But I enjoyed the movie  more than the parent show that inspired it.   The movie was less over the top than the original show (yes I know it is a movie about people with laser swords that came jump 30 feet into the air, the old clone wars show had Mace Windu fighting armies by himself and leaping miles in one bound).

So that is it.  I really  do not have much to say about it because  I really do not have much to think about it.  It was okay.  Not great but okay.  I think I enjoyed it more than E II at least.

That’s my review folks.  Kind of useless eh?  One of the reasons I have not posted it until now.  But I figured I owed it to some of you (sorry Master for taking so long).  Until next time, adieu.

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