Twice In One Day!

What will you do with yourselves?  I was not planning on doing two today, but after posting the first one I found I had been tagged.  Ah well.  It is good for me.

8 UTube videos I love to watch (we have no TV):  We have no UTube (stupid BYU internet service) so I will do TV shows from Hulu, DVD, and simply on the internet
1. Fraggle Rock
2. Samurai Jack
3. Avatar The Last Airbender
4. Bleach
5. My wife really wants to see the Regency Men Holding Out For a Hero Video on UTube
6. New movie trailers (usually involving superheroes or 80’s cartoons)
7. Flight of the conchords
8. Dumb little videos having to do with Robotech, Transformers, or that Holding Out For a Hero song

8 Favorite Restaurants in Provo:
1. Bombay House
2. Tandoori Grill
3. The Creamery on 9th
4. Burger Supreme
5. Two Jacks Pizza (actually in Springville, but what heh)
6. Thai Ruby
7. A little hole in the wall place that My Tall Friend With The Mustache introduced me to, but I cannot remember the name
8. The Chinese Buffet with the all you can eat dumplings!

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Blew my nose
2. Had a sore throat
3. Read more of the Hogfather
4. Went to work
5. Gamemastered Star Wars saga edition for a 16 year old at work
6. Had the chance to watch Twilight and refused
7. Had a chance to eat several plain marshmallows and refused
8. I walked in to BYU twice

8 Things I’m looking forward to:
1. Leaving work today
2. Leaving my job forever
3. Being accepted to the perfect grad school with a full scholarship
4. Living somewhere closer to family
5. Spending Christmas with my wife
6. One day having Christmas and holidays with extended family again
7. Raising a family
8. Growing up to be a Real Boy

8 Things on my wish list:
1. Wish I was done with my job
2. Wish I knew where I was going to grad school
3. Wish I did not have to work this Christmas
4. Wish I had some people to roleplay with
5. Wish I had time to roleplay
6. Wish my society did not have such a lame view on marriage
7. Wish more people understood how cool Jesus Christ is
8. Wish all my friends and family a happy Christmas and a very new year!

Almost 8 People I’m Tagging:
1. My Wife
2. Mary
3. Master
4. Veiltender
5. Awkward Man
6. (running out of people who read my blog)
7. (who have not been tagged already)
8. Anyone else who reads my blog who also blogs themselves (you know who you are!).

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3 Comments on “Twice In One Day!”

  1. Travis Says:

    I have a new blog sorry to have to change

    good to hear from you my friend

  2. Rita Says:

    what’s society’s lame view of marriage? Are you talking about homosexual marriage?

    • Imrahil Says:

      I was actually referring to the tendency to see marriage as a means to fulfill ones own needs. Two individuals marry for the sole purpose of using the other person as an object to get something from them. This might be sex, monetary stability, a general feeling of belonging, or posterity. Thus the only purpose of marriage is to get something from that other person. When that person is no longer providing the desired reward/benefits then it becomes imperative for an immediate cessation of relations.

      To me this is a cold and crass version of what marriage can and should be. It is not a contract. It is a covenant. I have promised to my wife to be her support and shield, and she has done the same with me. We are bound together not simply by law, but by love and holy promise. She is what is important to me, not what she provides of what feelings I get out of the relationship. She is a living person that I love and who loves me, not a provider of goods that might one day dry up.

      Anyway. Sorry for the somewhat lengthy response. I could go on about this for a very long time. So no. I was not talking about same-sex marriage. As a Christian who believes in the Bible, I do not agree with same-sex marriage, but that is another subject, and one that I am not really dealing with at the moment. I am currently attempting to tackle the general view on what marriage is, not who can be partakers of it.

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