Getting Jolly

Well, I love Christmas.  There is not much more to say about that, but I am going to anyway because one sentence is a lame excuse for a blog post.  So I am going to spend your time talking about why I like it.  Cool, eh?

One reason that I love Christmas is because of the music.  I am one of those random people that others secretly feel should be locked away because I honestly enjoy Christmas music and love singing it loudly and unashamedly.  I remember one year while I was singing in primary when a girl sitting in front of me turned around and told me to shut up in the middle of a Christmas carol.  I sang louder for her benefit.  And I got to feel all self-righteous about it too, because she was the one trying to keep me from singing praises to my God.  Win win situation if you ask me.  I think Christmas songs are meant to be sung with the sort of wild abandon that makes other people feel vaguely embarrassed for the singers.  Kind of like singing with your eyes closed or something like that.  It always bugs me when I go to church and listen to people try to sing Christmas songs sweetly.  It just does not work for me.

Another factor that I love about Christmas is the chance to happily and freely mix my paganism with my Christianity and not get looked at like I am a heretic.  I firmly believe that Santa Claus is a story and character worth perpetuating.  I loved Santa Claus growing up, and I love him now, and I want my children to love him too.  Sure he is pagan.  But there are a lot of things that are pagan that we Christians have adopted and do not think twice about.  For instance in prehellenized Christian art angels had beards and no wings.  Beards!  How cool is that?  They did not look like Orlando Bloom with sanctimonious constipation.  There is no account of a female angel in the scriptures anywhere, but if the angels aren’t women in modern Christian art then why did all the men get shots of estrogen and have laser hair removal done? That came when Christians appropriated pagan temples and began using the art there for their own purposes.  Some winged victory goddess became an angel, so Michael became a girly-man with wings.  Point being that many Christians whine about Santa as a pagan figure, but not about their girly-man angels.  Selective bias right there if you ask me.

For me the stories and myths of the paganism were just the attempts of people who did not have divine revelation to connect with God.  There is good there.  Christians can learn something from it.  There is something neat about solstice celebrations.  Maybe Christ was not born in December, but maybe he was.  There is something to celebrating Christ’s birth at the time when the sun is starting play a more active role in the lives of the average earth citizen.

Another reason is that I love my Savior.  I like thinking about Him.  I like thinking about what He did.  Christmas is a time when we can praise Him in a little more of an old-fashioned way without too many people getting mad about it or at least feeling a little awkward.  I like paganism, but only where it fits in with my Christianity.

Another thing that I love about Christmas is that it is a time to spend with family.  Some of my fondest memories growing up involve loading too many people in a car that is too small to drive on dangerous roads to get to a relative’s house that does not have enough room for everyone.  One of my favourite places in the whole world is Tennessee where my grandparents lived.  Going to Tennessee meant that there would be a big family get together with a lot of people and a lot of fun times.

Anyway.  I could probably go on a lot further on what I think I great about Christmas, but I have probably already spent too much of your time.  So, Merry Chritsmas everyone!  Enjoy the time you have to be jolly and merry without shame!  Adieu.

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2 Comments on “Getting Jolly”

  1. Christmas is definitely a time where we can reflect on God’s gift to us, and how we can apply that generosity to our lives through giving to others. I like this blog, it’s simple and it speaks a sincere message.


  2. Sarah Says:

    I love your description of singing Christmas carols – that’s exactly the way they should be sung. We hope you guys have a jolly Christmastide!

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