Changing The World

I do not yet know his/her name, but there is definately something in the world that is changing the quality and type of my existence that was not there just a little while ago.

Today my wife had an apointment to determine if she trully was pregnant, and if so whether or not it (currently named Lime for it’s present size) was in fact alive.   My beloved wife could have and did express to the nurse that yes she was pregnant, but they have to check these things just to make sure you know.  So after the routine check up (which I will spare you the details of because I do not like thinking about them) the nurse did decide that my wife is pregnant and that it is late enough along for us to hear Lime’s little heartbeat

The nurse got out the little thing to rub all over my wifes abdomen.  Then she smeared jelly all over my wife’s pregnantlookingnotfatlooking belly.  Then we listened to the annoying crackle of the machine being turned on.  Then we listen to my wife’s breakfast being digested.  Then we heard some blood cells moving around.  It all rather sounded like something from Star Trek.  Unfortunately there was no hearbeat (well, I guess we did hear my wife’s a couple of times), and the nurse looked for a good 30 inutes.  She even got a second opinion (add more of the same aformentioned smearing of jelly and Star Trek noises) that no, there in fact was no noticable heartbeat.  So, being profesionals they sent us to someone else.

We went to get my wife an ultrsound.  This was not until teo hours later though, so we went to the mall and looked at maternity clothes (for my wife) and sharp pointy things (for me).  We then went out to eat at Cafe Rio, which was really good and yummy and don’t all you people who left us alone here in Utah wish you were still here so you too could enjoy the yumminess wich is Cafe Rio.  Then we drove around for awhile.  Then we went to the ultrasound.

And there it was.  Looking like a little ET with spindly little arms and legs flailing about it.  Little chest heaving because the heart was beating to forcefully for the little body to hid it expansions.  So cute… in an ugly, alien sort of way.

For me, it was one of those life changing events.  I have known that my wife was pregnant for some time.  Up until now though, she was just pregnant.  Now, we are having a baby.  This is a subtle change perhaps, but a real one for me.  Before the only evidence that I had of the existence of new life was my wife’s word (which I believed) and her expanding though only pregnantlookingnotfatlooking belly.  Now I have seen lime.

I do not know what more to say.  There is difference now.  Something has changed.  I cannot say exactly why seeing little Lime changes everything, but it does, and I am fuller and happier now than I was before.  Sorry all.  I just wanted to get this down before I forgot.

Happy Resurrection Day!  Until next time, adieu.

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5 Comments on “Changing The World”

  1. sallysue Says:

    First of all, YES I do miss Cafe Rio.Thankyouverymuchforremindingme. I still have my frequent diner cards for those vacations back to the homeland. I haven’t been since, well, January. hmm, that makes it lose it’s dramatic effect. The last few times I’ve been in the realm of said restaurant (AZ has one, too.)

    BUT, much more importantly, many congratulations – and as I ‘told’ your wifey, you two will be absolutely fabulous parents.

    YAY for babies!

  2. Thora Says:

    I’ve never eaten at Cafe Rio. But since leaving Utah I seem to hear nothing but people talking about it. I can’t believe how deprived I was.

    I’m glad that they found your lime’s hearbeat with the Ultrasound! That must have been somewhat stressful for you both.

  3. Travis Says:

    Congratulations Samuel. May you’re child be born naked but healthy.

    Hmm Names now

    Plo Kun Shannon

    Percival Shannon

    Glorfindell Imarhill Shannon III (No one said their had to be a first or a second)

  4. Sarah Says:

    We’re voting for a boy. Just so you can be alpha male, however briefly.


  5. Imrahil Says:

    Thanks to all. We are very excited.

    We think it is going to be a boy. No proof, nor preferences, just gut instinct and a family member had a dream about it. Though I am a psychologist and all that, I tend to follow Joseph’s opinions about dreams, not Sigmund’s. But I am not bucking for an alpha male position. I have been too overawed by the prowess of the competitors.

    Glorifindell Imrahil Shannon III does have a nice ring to it….

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